Services & techniques

Broadly speaking, the work we do can be broken down into four service streams, set out below. In order to provide these services, we utilise a wide range of tools, listed further down the page. While there is inevitably some overlap - facilitating stakeholder meetings is both a stand-alone service and a tool, for instance - this page should help to demonstrate our key competencies.  

Brook Lyndhurst Blog

  • Herd behaviour amongst sports fans

    We had a conversation in the office the other day about herd behaviour and the difference between football and cricket crowds. Why is it that spectators at a football match can occasionally get aggressive and abusive, but spectators at a cricket match tend to act more like naughty schoolboys: boisterous but essentially good-natured? It’s a [...] 

  • Just can’t get enough? (BEHAVE 2014 Blog Series, 4/4)

    Ten years ago, Brook Lyndhurst commissioned MORI to survey a representative sample of 1,000 adults.  One of the things we asked back then was: “To what extent do you think it would fair or unfair for the government to charge a lower rate of VAT on energy efficient products and a higher rate of VAT [...]