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We carry out our work in six main areas, listed below. We sometimes conduct research outside of these core specialisms, and these projects can be found using the keyword search facility above.

Behaviour change

Behaviour change, lifestyles and wellbeing

Our research into behaviour change (theory and implementation) and consumer lifestyles...

Business and sustainability

Our work on behaviour change and resource use in partnership with commercial organisations...

Climate change

From carbon footprinting to exploring consumer attitudes to pro-environmental behaviours...


From evaluations of community projects and funds to investigations into social capital, diffusion and social networks...


Everything from the climate impacts of food, to food labelling, retail and food waste...

Waste and resources

Recycling, waste minimisation and consumer engagement...

Brook Lyndhurst Blog

  • Herd behaviour amongst sports fans

    We had a conversation in the office the other day about herd behaviour and the difference between football and cricket crowds. Why is it that spectators at a football match can occasionally get aggressive and abusive, but spectators at a cricket match tend to act more like naughty schoolboys: boisterous but essentially good-natured? It’s a [...] 

  • Just can’t get enough? (BEHAVE 2014 Blog Series, 4/4)

    Ten years ago, Brook Lyndhurst commissioned MORI to survey a representative sample of 1,000 adults.  One of the things we asked back then was: “To what extent do you think it would fair or unfair for the government to charge a lower rate of VAT on energy efficient products and a higher rate of VAT [...]