Needs assessment of 15 London-based frontline health organisations

London Sustainability Exchange (LSx)
Start date:
February 2010
May 2010

London sustainability Exchange (LSx) is running a network to support 15 London-based frontline health organisations over the next three years (until Dec 2012). Brook Lyndhurst was commissioned by LSx to conduct focus group research to assess the needs of health professionals working within these organisations to ensure the network could be tailored to meet their needs.


The key objectives were to assess:

  • current levels of service provision across these 15 organisations;
  • attitudes to the proposed new network;
  • current networking, training and learning opportunities;
  • issues surrounding monitoring and evaluation;
  • possible areas for partnership working.


Two focus groups were held in March 2010 - one with junior staff/volunteers and one with senior managers - at the Bonnington Cafe, Vauxhall.


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