Mythbusters - investigating public perceptions of the contribution of packaging to waste

Start date:
May 2012
September 2012

A partnership group involving Wrap, the Packaging Federation, Incpen, the Food and Drink Federation and the Kent Waste Partnership commissioned Icaro Consulting, in March 2012, to conduct a programme of research to investigate the myths that the general public may have about the contribution of packaging to waste.

As part of the study, David Fell of Brook Lyndhurst was commissioned to provide a ‘critical friend’ function to the research team. As well as incorporating a series of discussions with the Icaro research team, this support function included the facilitation of a discussion with the project’s steering group. The discussion, held at the offices of the Packaging Federation in May 2012, provided an opportunity to consider the notion of ‘myth’ at a conceptual level, as a preface to potential future consideration of interventions that partners may choose to develop and/or undertake to ‘bust some myths’, in due course and in light of the full findings of the research.

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