Internship opportunity!

We are looking for a talented, motivated and enthusiastic individual to join us for a four month (minimum) full-time paid internship. The successful candidate will be working as a Research Assistant, providing research and analytical support to project teams across a number of our core specialisms. If you are committed to sustainability and looking to build your research experience within a close-knit and passionate team, this could be the role for you. We would particularly encourage applications from candidates with experience of conducting research into food, energy, recycling or resource efficiency.

Brook Lyndhurst

Environmental research

Brook Lyndhurst is an independent research and strategy consultancy. We use a variety of research techniques to tackle questions concerned with understanding, promoting and delivering sustainable development. Broadly, our work falls into one of six key areas – climate change; communities; business and sustainability; waste and resources; food; and sustainable lifestyles.

Future trends in resource efficiency and waste generation in the food chain

Resource efficiency

Defra commissioned Brook Lyndhurst, with support from an expert panel, to carry out a scoping study to explore the key influences affecting future trends in waste and resource efficiency in the food chain.

The research took the form of a scenario planning exercise, exploring a range of possible future trends over the next decade, their impacts on the behaviour of the food chain, and the resulting waste, water use and GHG implications.


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