Brook Lyndhurst - The Food Issue

The Food Issue is a brochure we've created explaining some of our experience and capabilities in undertaking food research. 

Our sophisticated research techniques, careful analysis and unrivalled experience give our clients genuine insight into what consumers think, feel and believe about food and why they make the choices that they do.

Food for life Scotland

Evaluation of Food for Life Scotland

Started: May 2014 Due for completion: August 2015
Soil Association Scotland
Brook Lyndhurst was commissioned by Soil Association Scotland to carry out an evaluation of its Food for Life Scotland programme, focusing on the Food for Life Catering Mark and Food For Life Scotland’s Education Framework....
Stepney City Farm

Evaluation of Stepney City Farm’s food production project

Started: August 2012 Ended: March 2014
Stepney City Farm
Stepney City Farm is running a two year food production project, funded by The Big Lottery’s Local Food Fund. We are helping with the evaluation of the project’s performance against these aims and in line with the Big Lottery Fund’s themes....
reducing food waste

Reducing food waste by extending product life

Started: June 2013 Ended: February 2014
An update of the Retailer survey, examination of the way in which product life is set, and identifying opportunities for increasing the life of products...
Fairtrade - Stick with Foncho

Bananas: consumer research

Started: January 2014 Ended: February 2014
The Fairtrade Foundation
A survey of UK consumers to provide consumer insight in support of the Fairtrade Foundation’s 2014 Fairtrade Fortnight campaign....
Animal welfare research

Evaluation of the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England

Started: September 2012 Ended: December 2013
Defra has commissioned Brook Lyndhurst to carry out an independent evaluation of the AHWBE, in accordance with a commitment in the Board’s Terms of Reference to evaluate its performance two years after being established....

Community Supported Fisheries (CSFs): diversifying fish consumption and decreasing discards by thinking inside the box

Started: January 2012 Ended: August 2013
Brook Lyndhurst has been contracted, alongside SeaWeb - an international NGO dedicated to communicating ocean sustainability issues - to undertake a piece of action-based research (ABR) on the issue of ‘under-utilised’ species. ...
food waste

Understanding consumer food waste out of home

Started: February 2012 Ended: June 2013
In 2012 WRAP commissioned Brook Lyndhurst to conduct research to help support the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (H&FSA). The research aimed to: - Identify consumer barriers to and opportunities for preventing food waste when eating out; and - Develop research suggestions for how the Hospitality and Food Service sector could support consumers in reducing food waste out of home....

Food RisC – Perceptions and communication of food risks and benefits across Europe

Started: July 2010 Ended: June 2013
European Commission
The European Commission has appointed Brook Lyndhurst, along with 13 other partner organisations from across Europe, to identify and characterise food risk and benefit issues and the consequent implications for risk communicators. ...
Brook Lyndhurst - FSA food SME segmentation

Segmentation of food SMEs

Started: January 2012 Ended: December 2012
Food Standards Agency
Brook Lyndhurst were commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to develop a segmentation model of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the food retail and catering sectors, based on their attitudes to food safety and related regulations. ...
Food research

Brook Lyndhurst - The Food Issue

Started: November 2012 Ended: November 2012
Please click here to download a pdf with information on our food expertise and experience...
Fairtrade research

Consumer perceptions of the Fairtrade mark

Started: April 2012 Ended: September 2012
Fairtrade International
Following our 2011 work for the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK, Brook Lyndhurst, along with German consultancy 2nd Floor, carried out research for Fairtrade International into how consumers use and understand the Fairtrade mark....
Food Transformation

Oxfam report: The Food Transformation

Started: April 2012 Ended: July 2012
Brook Lyndhurst were commissioned to write this report, which looks at the social and environmental injustices in the global food system, and at the potential of consumer action to help address these injustices. It focuses on the five principles which make up Oxfam’s GROW Method: wasting less food, supporting small-scale food producers in developing countries, eating seasonal food, smart cooking, and reducing meat and dairy consumption....

Helping consumers reduce food waste: a retail survey - 2011

Started: October 2010 Ended: May 2012
A 2011 survey of products sold by major UK retailers to inform understanding of a range of factors believed to influence household food waste, building on the survey carried out in 2009....

The animal welfare provenance of food - communicating and engaging with consumers

Started: November 2011 Ended: April 2012
A rapid review of the evidence on existing interventions to engage with consumers on the animal welfare provenance of food and other related issues....
Retail environment

Supporting change in the retail environment: consumer food waste prevention reviews

Started: July 2011 Ended: March 2012
30 tailored consumer food waste prevention reviews for a range of Courtauld Commitment (CC2) signatories....
Love Food Hate Waste Local Partnership Adviser cascade

Evaluating the impact of WRAP’s cascade training programme in England 2011/12

Started: September 2011 Ended: March 2012
The LPA activities include LFHW cascade training and awareness-raising workshops, which aim to enable individuals to both reduce their own household food waste, and to cascade food waste prevention tips and advice to other members of the community/business. The evaluation aimed to establish the effectiveness of this approach in achieving behaviour change both directly and via the cascades....
Business case for sustainable diet

Understanding the retail business case for promoting sustainable diets

Started: September 2011 Ended: March 2012
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
WWF’s One planet Food Programme aims to reduce the global environmental and social impacts of UK food production and consumption. Brook Lyndhurst were commissioned by WWF to undertake a programme of research to demonstrate the business case for retailers to promote sustainable diets....
Fairtrade Foundation: Consumer insight

Fairtrade Foundation: Consumer insight

Started: June 2011 Ended: September 2011
Fairtrade Foundation
The Fairtrade Foundation has appointed Brook Lyndhurst to undertake a programme of consumer research, to build on their success by further enabling people to turn their ethical concerns into practical actions....

Consumer insight: date labels and storage guidance

Started: February 2010 Ended: January 2011
A project for WRAP designed to enhance the evidence base around consumer understanding, interpretation and use of date labels and storage guidance. ...

Household Food Waste - Cognitive testing of revised behavioural metric questions

Started: July 2010 Ended: September 2010
WRAP commissioned Brook Lyndhurst to assess the reliability and validity of new survey questions, via cognitive testing, to ensure that they provide a sound, robust and valid dataset for tracking behaviours related to food waste...

Are labels the answer? Barriers to buying higher animal welfare products

Started: January 2010 Ended: April 2010
An investigation into how best to overcome barriers to consumers purchasing higher welfare food products...

Consumer understanding of green terms

Started: October 2009 Ended: March 2010
An investigation into consumer responses to, and understanding of, the terms used to refer to 'green' issues, from recycling to air miles; and from carbon footprints to water neutrality. ...

Future trends in resource efficiency and waste generation in the food chain

Started: June 2009 Ended: January 2010
A scoping study, structured as a scenario planning exercise, to explore possible future trends over the next decade, their potential impacts on the behaviour of the food chain, and the resulting waste, water and greenhouse gas implications....

Assessment of green claims in marketing

Started: March 2009 Ended: October 2009
A review of 'green' claims in marketing from 2006 to 2009, taking in both statistical data and the perspective of the advertising and marketing community.......

Helping consumers reduce food waste: a retail survey - 2009

Started: February 2009 Ended: October 2009
A survey of products sold by major UK retailers to inform understanding of a range of factors believed to influence household food waste...

Public attitudes to emerging food technologies

Started: August 2008 Ended: November 2008
Food Standards Agency
A rapid evidence review to consolidate the FSA’s understanding of public attitudes to emerging food technologies, and to identify gaps in the existing evidence....

London's food sector greenhouse gases

Started: January 2008 Ended: June 2008
Greater London Authority
This report builds on the Mayor's 2007 Climate Change Action Plan and the London Food Strategy (2006) by quantifying the contribution of London's food sector to the capital's greenhouse gas emissions...

Mid-campaign survey on food waste metrics

Started: October 2007 Ended: April 2008
This project aimed to develop a metric to monitor the impact of WRAP's food waste minimisation campaign. In order to do this, Brook Lyndhurst analysed and compared survey results from five waves of research with thousands of adults across the UK....

Consumer behaviour in relation to food packaging

Started: October 2007 Ended: December 2007
Brook Lyndhurst was commissioned by WRAP to examine two aspects of consumer behaviour in relation to food waste: understanding (and use) of on-pack guidance dates; and demand for alternative portion sizes...

Household food waste: attitudes and behaviours

Started: November 2006 Ended: April 2007
This project was designed to gain a better understanding of public attitudes to food waste and the values that underpin them. The findings from the research, taken in conjunction with a number of parallel projects, fed into the development of WRAP's Love Food, Hate Waste campaign....

London Food Strategy

Started: October 2004 Ended: May 2006
London Development Agency, London Food, Mayor of London and others
Brook Lyndhurst was responsible for researching and drafting the London Mayor's food strategy and for introducing amendments resulting from the public consultation on the document...

Reward cards & healthy choices: A London scoping study

Started: October 2004 Ended: March 2005
London Region Public Health Group
This scoping study, for the NHS London Region, examined the potential for introducing reward card schemes to encourage healthy behaviours. ...

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