Fairtrade Foundation: Consumer insight

Fairtrade Foundation
Start date:
June 2011
September 2011

Fairtrade has been hugely successful in recent years, through a combination of campaigns, activism and a growing array of Fairtrade products. Surveys consistently show that the public is very familiar with the Fairtrade certification scheme, and – importantly – has a high level of trust in the Foundation.

The Fairtrade Foundation appointed Brook Lyndhurst to undertake a programme of consumer research, to build on their success by further enabling people to turn their ethical concerns into practical actions.

Using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we explored public perceptions of ‘Fairtrade’ and sought to ascertain who buys Fairtrade products and why. The results were used to advise the Foundation on how to convert high levels of consumer awareness and trust into action over the coming years.



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