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Brook Lyndhurst Blog

  • Extending product lifetimes (BEHAVE 2014 Blog Series, 3/4)

    More sustainable consumption is likely to mean ‘buying less stuff’ – or, more specifically, acquiring fewer products that deplete finite material resources. If people are to maintain their lifestyles, this will mean changes such as renting goods rather than buying them, and buying second-hand or reconditioned goods rather than new ones. Our recent survey* results [...] 

  • Hard choices (BEHAVE 2014 Blog Series, 2/4)

    This blog is the second in our series of blogs in the lead up to the 2014 BEHAVE conference. Like the first blog, we’re delving into some of the results of a survey we ran a few months ago that gauged consumer attitudes towards a range of environmental and lifestyle issues. In our survey we asked: ‘How often [...]