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Efficient driving - rapid evidence assessment

Started: August 2015 Ended: February 2016
Department for Transport
A review of national and international evidence on driving techniques and practices that help to reduce fuel use and consequent harmful emissions...
Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

Uptake of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles in the UK

Started: March 2015 Ended: May 2015
Department for Transport
This project comprised a rapid evidence assessment to review recent research on the uptake of ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) in the UK....

Flooding: social science evidence synthesis

Started: August 2013 Ended: January 2014
Brook Lyndhurst and Collingwood Environmental Planning, supported by Nigel Watson, were commissioned by Defra to carry out an exploratory research project on local ownership and management of flood risk. The research involved the synthesis of existing social science evidence and practitioner experience, and the identification of gaps in the existing knowledge. The report is due to be published in the near future....
Social Marketing

Social marketing pilots in Wales to reduce domestic energy use

Started: January 2013 Ended: July 2013
Welsh Government
Brook Lyndhurst were commissioned by the Welsh Government to design social marketing behaviour change pilot projects aimed at reducing domestic carbon emissions....
Domestic Energy Use

Domestic energy use study: to understand why comparable households use different amounts of energy

Started: February 2012 Ended: October 2012
Domestic gas consumption in the UK can vary dramatically between households. Brook Lyndhurst were commissioned by DECC to undertake qualitative research exploring the day-to-day lives of the people that live in those houses so as to build a rich, people-centred picture of how energy is actually consumed. The research reveals wide and in many cases intriguing variations in behaviours that have consequences for gas consumption....

Corporate sustainability support

Started: November 2010 Ended: December 2011
PwC’s vision to become the iconic professional services firm includes a significant focus on sustainability. To this end, Brook Lyndhurst was commissioned to provide support to PwC's environmental and social sustainability programme in the UK....

Review of the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund

Started: March 2010 Ended: June 2011
Scottish Government
Brook Lyndhurst carried out in-depth research with 20 projects funded by the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund in order to better understand critical success factors in community-based climate change initiatives....

Evaluation of the Greener Living Fund

Started: February 2009 Ended: June 2011
Brook Lyndhurst was appointed to evaluate the performance of Defra’s Greener Living Fund (GLF). The fund, launched in November 2008, provided over £6 million in grants to eight delivery partners from the third sector....

Evaluation of the Big Green Challenge Plus

Started: July 2009 Ended: December 2010
Brook Lyndhurst reviewed the work of the projects supported by NESTA's Big Green Challenge Plus in order to draw out key lessons for policy and future funds of this kind....

Evaluation of the Big Green Challenge

Started: September 2007 Ended: December 2010
A three-year project to conduct an ongoing and formative evaluation of NESTA’s ‘Big Green Challenge’ programme...

Reducing emissions through behavioural change - Scoping pilot programmes in Wales

Started: May 2010 Ended: October 2010
Welsh Assembly Government
Brook Lyndhurst worked with the Energy Saving Trust to provide advice to the Welsh Assembly Government on developing pilot interventions aimed at changing behaviour to improve domestic energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions...

Consumer understanding of green terms

Started: October 2009 Ended: March 2010
An investigation into consumer responses to, and understanding of, the terms used to refer to 'green' issues, from recycling to air miles; and from carbon footprints to water neutrality. ...

Assessment of green claims in marketing

Started: March 2009 Ended: October 2009
A review of 'green' claims in marketing from 2006 to 2009, taking in both statistical data and the perspective of the advertising and marketing community.......

A review of the Environmental Action Fund (EAF)

Started: January 2005 Ended: February 2009
A review of the Environmental Action Fund, a three year initiative supporting voluntary and community sector groups to further the government's sustainable development objectives...

Climate change and local policy: South London Partnership

Started: September 2008 Ended: February 2009
South London Partnership
Investigation into the kind of climate change projects and programmes that were operating in South London and consideration of how climate change issues might best be integrated into the sub-region’s policy priorities...

Per capita carbon footprints

Started: January 2008 Ended: December 2008
An investigation into public responses to the provision of personal carbon information through carbon calculators and, in particular, Defra’s “Act On CO2” calculator....

Evaluation of the Climate Challenge Fund

Started: January 2008 Ended: October 2008
Defra / Decc
An evaluation of DECC's Climate Challenge Fund, which supported 83 climate change projects from across England with funds totalling £8.5 million between 2006 and 2008...

London's food sector greenhouse gases

Started: January 2008 Ended: June 2008
Greater London Authority
This report builds on the Mayor's 2007 Climate Change Action Plan and the London Food Strategy (2006) by quantifying the contribution of London's food sector to the capital's greenhouse gas emissions...

Climate Challenge: What must cities look like to meet the challenge of climate change?

Started: June 2006 Ended: March 2008
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
An exploration of some of the ways in which urban areas in the UK might adapt in order to meet carbon emissions reduction targets...

Measuring Londoners’ attitudes to climate change and evaluating the impacts of initiatives to shift them

Started: September 2007 Ended: March 2008
Greater London Authority and the LSx
A project to review the current ‘state of play’ regarding ABC1 and BAME attitudes to climate change, assist the development of messaging for use through different communications channels, and evaluate the extent to which these initiatives have changed Londoners’ attitudes to climate change....

Strategic sustainability support

Started: April 2007 Ended: March 2008
Quintain Estates and Development PLC
Consultancy support to set up, develop and help implement Quintain Estates & Developments’ sustainability strategy....

Public understanding of sustainable energy consumption in the home

Started: February 2007 Ended: September 2007
A qualitative research project into public attitudes to domestic energy consumption, involving focus groups, in-home energy audits and follow-up, in-depth interviews. Analysis of attitudes across different segments of the population enabled us to make policy recommendations to Defra across five key behaviour goals (better energy management in the home, installing domestic micro-generation, insulation products & energy efficient appliances and switching to a green energy tariff). ...

UK energy and the built environment: A fact sheet

Started: June 2007 Ended: July 2007
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Brook Lyndhurst developed, for RICS, a fact-sheet detailing energy production and consumption in the UK, including information on trends and a particular focus on the use of renewables....

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