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On having survived the Mayans, and Christmas, and a little bit of snow

My RE teacher long ago set us the challenge of re-translating from the original Greek the first sentence of the Book of John: “In the beginning was the word…” As all translators – and, indeed, users of English – know, some words have more than one meaning; and the multiple meanings of a word (particularly [...]


It was reported this week that Apple have refused to include their iPhones in the UK’s first green-ranking scheme for mobile phones, launched in a partnership between O2 and  Forum for the Future.  There have always been things that have irked about Apple products, of course, such as the non-replaceable batteries (I’m all for sleek [...]

Introduced by Bluetooth: Recycling Man, a green superhero or eco-geek?

I discovered a new game when I turned on my phone’s Bluetooth functionality during one of the fluffier presentations at Wednesday’s Recoup conference on mixed plastics recycling, held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. For the uninitiated, Bluetooth allows you to connect your computer or phone to another similar device close by. Aside from offering the [...]