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Energy efficiency: behaviour, rationality, economics and politics

I had the pleasure of joining some 300 researchers and academics from around the world a couple of weeks ago to discuss the latest thinking on persuading consumers to use less energy.  The BEHAVE2014 conference took place in Oxford at a time when it is increasingly appreciated, by businesses, governments and civic society, that any [...]

Items for a mayoral election manifesto: vision of an alternate London

As we head towards the Mayoral elections, at a time of deep economic uncertainty and not inconsiderable anxiety about the future, it seems to me that a caring respect for Londoners might be the most appropriate over-arching policy stance for a politician to take. Perhaps I’m being a little too idealist in these straitened times, but I’m sure there’s a way of developing and conducting Mayoral policy which not only assists the millions of Londoners who need help today, but which also sets us in the direction of a more just and sustainable London tomorrow.

Here’s my suggestion for five policy initiatives that, were I to see them in a manifesto, would swing my vote: