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Addiction: it’s not all fun and games

Last Monday, the BBC aired a Panorama documentary ‘Addicted to Games’. While I confess I didn’t see the programme (I was too immersed in Mario Kart Wii at the time), I caught some of the following media coverage and became intrigued by the psychology behind the addiction. Here’s a snippet from the BBC: Adrian Hon, [...]

The power of social networks

On Tuesday evening (16/11/2010) Charlotte and I went along to an inspiring RSA event entitled ‘Public policy and the power of networks’. The talk was facilitated by Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the RSA and delivered by Paul Ormerod economist and author of ‘N Squared: Public Policy and the Power of Networks’ (RSA Pamphlet, 2010). [...]

Cutting down on the booze

The Today programme this morning did a piece on alcohol consumption.  The Secretary of State for Health is, reportedly, going to be using ‘nudge’ techniques in an attempt to tackle the UK’s drinking culture.  Statistics abound on the scale of the problem, with billions of pounds being spent on coping with the direct health consequences, [...]