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Items for a mayoral election manifesto: vision of an alternate London

As we head towards the Mayoral elections, at a time of deep economic uncertainty and not inconsiderable anxiety about the future, it seems to me that a caring respect for Londoners might be the most appropriate over-arching policy stance for a politician to take. Perhaps I’m being a little too idealist in these straitened times, but I’m sure there’s a way of developing and conducting Mayoral policy which not only assists the millions of Londoners who need help today, but which also sets us in the direction of a more just and sustainable London tomorrow.

Here’s my suggestion for five policy initiatives that, were I to see them in a manifesto, would swing my vote:

Nudge or shove?

I spoke yesterday morning at ‘Food for thought’, a breakfast event examining ‘food choices and what they mean for health, wealth and the environment’ organised by our friends at the London Sustainability Exchange.  Against the background set by the government’s new food strategy, Food Vision 2030, and alongside fellow speakers Dame Fiona Reynolds (director general of [...]

Boris waves a carrot, but no stick

The few headlines dedicated to Boris Johnson’s ‘Leading to a Greener London‘ proposals, unleashed last week to just the faintest squeak of media interest, tended to focus on his plans to plant two million trees in Greater London over the next 15 years.  The Times was one of the few papers to pick up on [...]