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You can get it if you really want

This was originally written by David Fell for Guardian Sustainable Business. You can view the original article (published on 7th March, 2013) here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sustainable-business/selling-sustainability-consumer-battle ———— Advertisers have long since abandoned any effort to sell their wares on the basis of functional performance. Instead, they sell on the basis of dreams, of myths – speaking about our feelings rather than [...]

Green claims are nothing to be scared of

A confession: I spent Christmas on a beach in Thailand, en route to a friend’s wedding in New Zealand. The trip – and the way I was able to justify it to myself – highlight the enormous barriers to tackling our flying behaviours. But one particular moment on the journey also brilliantly brought into focus [...]

Interest in carbon: A century of decline?

Despite the pre-Christmas rush, I’ve been unable to resist playing around with Google’s newest toy, which goes by the not-at-all-catchy name of the ‘Books Ngram Viewer‘. Hiding behind the title, though, is something quite astounding. Google says, rather matter of factly, that “Google Books has scanned over 10% of all books ever published.” Just take [...]

Marketing to the marketers will be key for green claims guidance

Our research for Defra on the prevalence and content of green claims was published recently. The study – along with our work on consumer understanding of green terms – is feeding into a revision of Defra’s green claims guidance for marketers, the consultation for which closed in June. While researching a possible follow up story, [...]