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Growing our own

Brook Lyndhurst has spent a lot of time talking about vegetables this summer. We’ve swapped seeds and seedlings, car-shared our way to B&Q to lug back planters and heavy bags of (peat free) compost, watered colleagues’ plants when they went away on holiday, cooked the odd stuffed marrow or beetroot wrap for each other, and even [...]

Marketing to the marketers will be key for green claims guidance

Our research for Defra on the prevalence and content of green claims was published recently. The study – along with our work on consumer understanding of green terms – is feeding into a revision of Defra’s green claims guidance for marketers, the consultation for which closed in June. While researching a possible follow up story, [...]

A bit of springtime gloating

We were already loving the view from our office even with no leaves on the trees – it’s certainly a marked improvement from our old vista of the side of Premier Inn (thanks for the old times reminder Google street view). Now, just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, it’s all going green (and [...]

Less source material

I’ll admit I don’t spend a lot of time browsing bath and shower products, so it’s taken me a while to spot PZ Cusson’s Original Source ‘shower pouches’. These seem great on two counts: first and most obviously, as they loudly declare on the packs themselves, they use much less plastic than a conventional shower [...]