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Back in the early summer I spoke at a conference organised by the Centre for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy and the charity Environmental Justice for All.  Attended by environmental activists, academics, policy makers, community workers and others, the conference, held at Leeds University, was structured around a series of ten parallel workshops exploring [...]

The A-B-C of CBA

Cost-benefit analysis [CBA] techniques currently have a central place in policy evaluation in the UK. CBA assesses projects and policies by assigning monetary values to the costs and benefits expected from them. These values are then summed, allowing policy makers to make judgements about whether those initiatives with higher net benefits should be prioritised over those with [...]

Two kinds of crisis

The current chaos in the markets puts environmental policy into sharp perspective. There is no doubt that Lord Stern’s assertion on Monday that the turmoil could help accelerate Britain’s shift to a low carbon economy may have some truth in it: put bluntly, poor people consume less. Of course, this wasn’t the point Stern was [...]