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SDRN presentation: evaluating community funds

On 24 March, I spoke at an SDRN event on collaborative research. You can view the presentation I gave below. If you’re using a mobile phone and can’t see the video below, you can watch it using this link.

Green claims are nothing to be scared of

A confession: I spent Christmas on a beach in Thailand, en route to a friend’s wedding in New Zealand. The trip – and the way I was able to justify it to myself – highlight the enormous barriers to tackling our flying behaviours. But one particular moment on the journey also brilliantly brought into focus [...]

Measuring behaviour change is no easy feat, but this new(ish) tool could help

Earlier this week I went to the launch of the Change! Tool held at NESTA. CAG consultants and WWF have been developing the tool over the past six years and it has existed in various forms before now, but its live online launch happened this week thanks to NESTA support – you can check it [...]

Marketing to the marketers will be key for green claims guidance

Our research for Defra on the prevalence and content of green claims was published recently. The study – along with our work on consumer understanding of green terms – is feeding into a revision of Defra’s green claims guidance for marketers, the consultation for which closed in June. While researching a possible follow up story, [...]

Survey irregularities

We’re carrying out a review of environmental survey questions at the moment as part of our work evaluating the Defra’s Greener Living Fund. A couple of examples of poor practice (or in modern schooling parlance, “less good” practice) have caught our eye. The origins of these, shall, of course, remain nameless (though we should point [...]