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On having survived the Mayans, and Christmas, and a little bit of snow

My RE teacher long ago set us the challenge of re-translating from the original Greek the first sentence of the Book of John: “In the beginning was the word…” As all translators – and, indeed, users of English – know, some words have more than one meaning; and the multiple meanings of a word (particularly [...]

Interest in carbon: A century of decline?

Despite the pre-Christmas rush, I’ve been unable to resist playing around with Google’s newest toy, which goes by the not-at-all-catchy name of the ‘Books Ngram Viewer‘. Hiding behind the title, though, is something quite astounding. Google says, rather matter of factly, that “Google Books has scanned over 10% of all books ever published.” Just take [...]

With climate change, as elsewhere, brand consistency is key

The recent furore over the removal of the 10:10 campaign’s ‘no pressure’ video (if you’ve somehow missed the fuss, it features exploding school children) brought to mind another video faux pas that cropped up around this time last year. Plane Stupid’s gory film of polar bears falling out of the sky to their deaths might [...]

A slow boat to Shetland

The ferry which waits in Aberdeen is huge and satisfyingly industrial. We enter through a carpeted lobby with a split staircase, then walk out to the stern deck and stand looking out over the greyscale buildings of Aberdeen and the murky waters of the dock. As we pull out of the harbour the seascape broadens [...]

What my taxi driver said about climate change, and why it matters

“It’s just a bunch of bad scientists who couldn’t get jobs, trying to come out with the most extreme stuff just to justify what they do.” This was part of a conversation I had with a Bristol taxi driver this morning. Taxi driver chats are becoming a favourite pastime of mine. They often top and tail discussion groups, [...]