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SDRN presentation: evaluating community funds

On 24 March, I spoke at an SDRN event on collaborative research. You can view the presentation I gave below. If you’re using a mobile phone and can’t see the video below, you can watch it using this link.

A slow boat to Shetland

The ferry which waits in Aberdeen is huge and satisfyingly industrial. We enter through a carpeted lobby with a split staircase, then walk out to the stern deck and stand looking out over the greyscale buildings of Aberdeen and the murky waters of the dock. As we pull out of the harbour the seascape broadens [...]

The Daily Mail and the value of evaluation

We generally don’t bother commenting on misleading reporting of environmental issues. Journalists (and I speak as someone who used to be one) have been putting a sensationalist spin on stories (and non-stories) since newspapers began. Moreover, anecdotal evidence from discussion groups we’ve run suggests that much of the sceptical coverage on environmental issues has very [...]