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The Daily Mail and the value of evaluation

We generally don’t bother commenting on misleading reporting of environmental issues. Journalists (and I speak as someone who used to be one) have been putting a sensationalist spin on stories (and non-stories) since newspapers began. Moreover, anecdotal evidence from discussion groups we’ve run suggests that much of the sceptical coverage on environmental issues has very [...]

Carbon quilt: a global cover up…

One of the challenges behaviour change practitioners have to grapple with is how to make climate change ‘real’ to people. How do you show the public what damage they are causing as a result of their lifestyles in a way that is meaningful and doesn’t give the impression that they are too small a part [...]

The trillion dollar challenge

Obsessive carbon-counting climbs to an adrenaline-soaked peak on the University of Oxford’s trillionth tonne counter. With admirably few words, the university’s Department of Physics has used a short series of panic-inducing counters to indicate the imminent collapse of the world as we know it. Of course, demonstrating that the changes needed to avoid catastrophe can be positive, [...]

I was definitely not playing on internet games at work…

One of the central issues in reducing our collective carbon footprint is whether, and how, we can achieve a shift away from fossil fuels to other, lower carbon alternatives. Yet the majority of us know very little about different energy generating technologies (renewable or not), their costs, generating potential, and their exact implications for carbon [...]

Lawyers and bankers doing stuff for free, for the sake of the planet?

Brilliant! http://carbonleapfrog.org/home