Yule (b)log

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la laaa, la laaa la laaa!

Unless you work in sustainability that is, in which case it tends to be the season to come over a bit scroogy, and mutter things about ‘useless tat for landfill’ under your breath. This year though, rather than muttering about the unsustainability of it all as rosy-cheeked shoppers prance around me down Oxford Street, full of Yuletide joy, I thought I’d compile a list of eco-friendly festive fun instead. Here’s my offering:

  1. Rent, don’t buy, your Christmas tree. The festively named Martin Cake, aka ‘Christmas Tree Man’ will deliver a living Christmas tree to your door so that it can spend the festive season with you (rather like a long-lost uncle, except less likely to make poor jokes and drink the cooking brandy). Once the season is over, Martin will come and pick up your tree, and transport it back to its home, where it will continue to convert CO2 into wood until next year.
  2. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the leftovers, and there’s nothing like generous servings of turkey sandwiches, turkey curry and turkey pie to keep that festive feeling alive. By mid January, however, when you’re crumbling bits of breast meat onto your cereal in the morning just to TRY AND GET RID OF IT, the whole thing can get a little tiresome. The wonderful Love Food, Hate Waste website has the answer, with portion planners, recipes inspiration, and storage tips to keep those mince-pies fresh as the driven snow outside your door.
  3. We recently conducted some focus groups to find out what people understand by ‘green’ terminology, and one of the least recognised terms was ‘refashioned’. ‘Santa’s Postbag,’ my friends, will answer any questions or reservations you may have about embracing this concept. That’s right! You really can make your own nativity scene from old toilet roll tubes!!!(!)
  4. Create a zero-sum universe of stuff. I’ve got too much stuff, and so has my mum, and my mate Andy, and my grandmother, and so, most likely, have you and yours. So this year I’m only giving second-hand or home-made stuff, and asking my friends and family to only give me stuff they have but don’t want, or that has been used before. It sounds like a terrible idea, but I already got an ipod off Andy, so if I only get used pants from now on I’m still doing a lot better than I ever thought I would be. It’s worth a try – anyone who’s ever watched Antiques Roadshow knows there’s an awful lot of Ming vases hanging around in people’s lofts.
  5. You know when you see people’s homes covered  with so many Christmas decorations that they look like the house equivalent of Dame Edna Everage? You know how you sigh loudly at the unsustainable silliness of it all, but that, despite your best efforts, a little voice from some deep, festive part of your soul, asks “what if…?” Well, homeless charity Crisis have finally enabled you to answer that question: check out our pimped up office and then pimp your own.

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