Tolkien tackles food waste?

At a conference on Friday we heard Tesco announce their intention to abandon BOGOFs (Buy One Get One Free).   BOGOFs have been criticised as contributing to food waste, since they make us buy things we don’t really want, which we then throw away.

Funnily enough we recently completed a study in which we examined 10,000 products to see what sort of factors might be contributing to food waste (including the use of offers, but also things like information on portion sizes; the availability of packs in different sizes; cooking instructions; guidance on what to do with leftovers, that sort of thing) and we found that BOGOFs have already pretty much disappeared in favour of other kinds of offer.

It’s quite likely that other kinds of offer will continue to entice us to buy more than we really need, of course, but it’s nevertheless good to see Tesco formally announcing this move.  It’s even better that they’re replacing BOGOFs with BOGOLs (Buy One, Get One Later) in which you are given a voucher to redeem at a future point when you buy a first item.  BOGOL is a much better acronym than BOGOF, since it is clearly a character from Lord of the Rings and immediately helps us to remember ‘the precious vouchers’…

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