Dreaming the future – part two

IMG_1133Dreams for the future tend to vary, both in their content and eventually in their accuracy. No-one who grew up in the 80s (and I speak from personal experience) can avoid the disappointment that the legendary hover boards still haven’t made an appearance, despite the fact that the Future – as in “Back to the” – has nearly arrived.
As you may have guessed, my dreams for the future were primarily borrowed from 80s sci-fi movies. I didn’t really mind what I was or did, as long as I could swing a lightsaber (mine will be green, or red if I go to the dark side) and ride a hover board. So, bearing in mind that neither of these things are so far forthcoming, I was rather excited to take part in NESTA’s FutureFest and our contribution to it – Re-dreaming the Future – and see what other people had dreamt of when they were young, and whether they were as disappointed as I was about the lack of hover boards.

Delving into people’s dreams was… Interesting? Surprising? Draining? A little scary? Yes, all of those things. It was amazing how quickly people opened up about what they wanted to be, what they were now, and where it had possibly gone awry. It was fascinating to see some people saying “oh I don’t really remember” whilst absent-mindedly fiddling with the bricks and creating a coherent shape, and the look of surprise and illumination on their face when they realised they had done so. I found it marvellous how people’s dreams ranged from the expected (doctor; vet; footballer) to the completely unexpected (whale; David Attenborough; dinosaur). And I particularly enjoyed seeing how people fell into one of two categories when building their models: the “find exactly the right piece for perfect symmetry/realism/aerodynamics” group, and the “stick any old pieces together in any way you desire, sometimes not even at right angles” group. You can probably guess which group I belong to.

All told it was an exceedingly interesting experience and the undercurrent seemed to be one of optimism, so maybe there is still hope for me and my lightsaber.

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