Fish pot luck, and sustainable behaviours

On Saturday I was down in Brighton administering some questionnaires as part of Brook Lyndhurst’s research role with Catchbox. Catchbox is a cooperative which directly connects fish lovers with fishers who use responsible fishing methods – delivering members not only with a supply of fish, but an enhanced ‘fish experience’. We wanted to find out more about the Catchbox members, specifically investigating their general environmental attitudes, behaviours and values, to see what profile of people are attracted to such a scheme.

We asked members to fill in a quick questionnaire while they collected their share of the catch at the Brighton pick-up point. Last Saturday members were given a selection of Brill, Plaice, Mullet and Bream if they were collecting whole fish, and Mullet and Sardines if they were collecting fillets.

It was great to see that several people were collecting on behalf of other members, in exchange for a meal of fresh fish with friends; while other passers-by were keen to know when the next season would start, so they could also take part. Members were very happy to share their preparation and cooking experiences too, with tales of a scrumptious Spanish inspired mullet stew, and unforgiving cuts from the spikes on the fins of a bream.

For having helped out, the Catchbox volunteers kindly rewarded me with two mullet fillets which I took home and cooked.

A very fishy and gratifying day out of the office.

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    Any chance you could post the recipe for how you cooked the fish? Always on the lookout for people to share fish-cooking tips with :)

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