What a Catch!

Last week a few of us helped out at the launch events for Catchbox in Chichester and Brighton. It was great to see so many local residents, fishers, local community and food group members, and journalists/writers come out to support the project. At both events the interest and excitement in making such a scheme work was palpable.

The events brought together local like-minded people who wanted to find out more about Catchbox.

“So what is Catchbox?” you ask? It is a cooperative which wants to connect fish eaters with fishers who use responsible fishing methods directly – delivering members not only with a supply of fish but an enhanced fish experience.

“Huh? A fish experience? What’s that?” you, understandably, might wonder. Catchbox will supply its members with fresh fish caught locally – a pot luck offered by the sea, if you will.


Jack Clarke explaining Catchbox in Chichester

So members won’t be able to choose their fish and, at times, may not have even heard of the type of fish, but that is where the ‘experience’ comes in. Co-op members will be given tools and information like: demonstrations on how to fillet fish; recipes to please their tastebuds; tips on how to cook the fish; and facts and stories about the fishers and fish.

Seaweb is delivering the operational and logistical aspects of this project; while we, at Brook Lyndhurst, are the research partners of the project. This means that we are supporting Catchbox every step of the way from set up to delivery with evidence-backed recommendations on how to improve the running of the scheme. We will be using a whole suite of research techniques (e.g. surveys, focus groups, ethnographic observation, etc.) to assess the impact of the scheme and learn about how it might be delivered in other contexts. You can find out more about our role and approach here.

Catchbox is due to launch in the next couple of weeks. For more information, or to be kept informed, check out the scheme’s website here.

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