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Herd behaviour amongst sports fans

We had a conversation in the office the other day about herd behaviour and the difference between football and cricket crowds. Why is it that spectators at a football match can occasionally get aggressive and abusive, but spectators at a cricket match tend to act more like naughty schoolboys: boisterous but essentially good-natured? It’s a [...]

Hard choices (BEHAVE 2014 Blog Series, 2/4)

This blog is the second in our series of blogs in the lead up to the 2014 BEHAVE conference. Like the first blog, we’re delving into some of the results of a survey we ran a few months ago that gauged consumer attitudes towards a range of environmental and lifestyle issues. In our survey we asked: ‘How often [...]

Shifting energy cultures

I’ve just come back from researching energy in New Zealand. It turns out there are some pretty fundamental differences in the production and consumption of energy between the UK and  New Zealand. Below are a few examples and accompanying observations and anecdotes regarding possible reasons why this might be the case. At the end I’ll [...]

Dreaming the future – part four

Alongside the questionnaire FutureFest goers were asked to reflect on what they wanted to be before growing up. Through playing with Lego we explored why participants wanted to be what it was they wanted to be and the barriers and enablers they had encountered along the way. 83 participants took part in our ‘experiment’. Collectively [...]

Dreaming the future – part two

Dreams for the future tend to vary, both in their content and eventually in their accuracy. No-one who grew up in the 80s (and I speak from personal experience) can avoid the disappointment that the legendary hover boards still haven’t made an appearance, despite the fact that the Future – as in “Back to the” [...]