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Waste prevention 2014

On Tuesday I spoke at the Westminster Forum event entitled: “Reducing and managing waste: implementing the Waste Prevention Programme and moving towards a ‘zero waste’ economy”. With five minutes to speak, I thought I’d say five things. I decided to make my remarks from a demand side perspective, drawing on a mix of Brook Lyndhurst’s [...]

Dreaming the future – part three

Sylviane’s reflections on Brook Lyndhurst’s experiment with Lego at FutureFest is in the form of a downloadable PDF – see here: Dreaming the future – part three

Dreaming the future – part one

In London’s coolest quarter, had you wandered through the weekend, a festival from NESTA placed a poster from the future:     In Shoreditch Town Hall’s basement, a mix of brick and mayhem, we asked the vital question: is this the dream you dreamt of?     In the dreams we’d had as children, were [...]

Researching Social Media

I attended the SRA conference on Social Media in Social Research yesterday. This is an area that has always interested me, given the hours and hours that people are spending online, and the vast amount of interaction happening via Social Media. It is a new area for Brook Lyndhurst: though we are big fans of [...]

Fish pot luck, and sustainable behaviours

On Saturday I was down in Brighton administering some questionnaires as part of Brook Lyndhurst’s research role with Catchbox. Catchbox is a cooperative which directly connects fish lovers with fishers who use responsible fishing methods – delivering members not only with a supply of fish, but an enhanced ‘fish experience’. We wanted to find out more [...]