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Herd behaviour amongst sports fans

We had a conversation in the office the other day about herd behaviour and the difference between football and cricket crowds. Why is it that spectators at a football match can occasionally get aggressive and abusive, but spectators at a cricket match tend to act more like naughty schoolboys: boisterous but essentially good-natured? It’s a [...]

Literature reviews: a lost art?

I was rather concerned to see Alain Samson describing literature reviews as “the lost art of insight generation” in the October issue of Research Magazine, lamenting the fact that the process of reviewing existing literature on a research topic is often restricted, through practical constraints, to a “short phase of desk research”. At the same [...]

Common Cause

A few weeks ago we had a visit from Tom Crompton from WWF and Ruth Smyth from RSPB who came in for a chat about the work they have been doing on the Common Cause. Tom gave us an interesting talk about the Common Cause, describing it as a “tool in a toolbox” for behaviour [...]

Reflections on the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund Review

The CCF Review report, written by Brook Lyndhurst in collaboration with Ecometrica, was launched in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. The culmination of more than a year’s research, the report takes an in-depth look at 21 of the hundreds of community projects funded through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, to identify the kinds [...]