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The wonders of self-ethnographic tools

“We do not learn from experience… We learn from reflecting on experience.” (John Dewey) The strength of participatory action research (PAR) is that the role of the researcher includes being a facilitator of change. PAR seeks to understand the world while trying to change it, collaboratively and reflectively. In this blog, I briefly explore some [...]

Dreaming the future – part three

Sylviane’s reflections on Brook Lyndhurst’s experiment with Lego at FutureFest is in the form of a downloadable PDF – see here: Dreaming the future – part three

Which transition for our societies? Creative landscape architects and Japanese gardeners needed!

In early February, I went to an Interdisciplinary Symposium in Belgium.  The overarching theme was ‘Which transition for our societies’ and it attracted international scientists, decision-makers and civil society members alike. Nowadays ‘transition’ has become one of those catch-all concepts, in that it encompasses a range of seemingly divergent visions which share an underlying connection [...]