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Love in a changing climate

The recently published early findings from the first wave of the UK’s household longitudinal study tell us that respondents who are married are more likely to turn up the heating if they’re cold, rather than put on a jumper. This it isn’t necessarily surprising. Those who are married are perhaps more comfortable than housemates or [...]

Enough on your plate?

I bought a new set of crockery last week. It called out to me as I cycled past Cancer Research in Hammersmith, and going in to investigate, I found I couldn’t resist its charms. It’s beautiful Staffordshire pottery, perfect in every way, except for the fact that the dinner plates (all eleven of them) seem [...]

Growing our own

Brook Lyndhurst has spent a lot of time talking about vegetables this summer. We’ve swapped seeds and seedlings, car-shared our way to B&Q to lug back planters and heavy bags of (peat free) compost, watered colleagues’ plants when they went away on holiday, cooked the odd stuffed marrow or beetroot wrap for each other, and even [...]

A slow boat to Shetland

The ferry which waits in Aberdeen is huge and satisfyingly industrial. We enter through a carpeted lobby with a split staircase, then walk out to the stern deck and stand looking out over the greyscale buildings of Aberdeen and the murky waters of the dock. As we pull out of the harbour the seascape broadens [...]

Yule (b)log

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la laaa, la laaa la laaa! Unless you work in sustainability that is, in which case it tends to be the season to come over a bit scroogy, and mutter things about ‘useless tat for landfill’ under your breath. This year though, rather than muttering about the unsustainability [...]