Vizzata is an internet-based, deliberative engagement tool that enables users to expose research subjects to a variety of information over time and to assess their understanding and responses to it. The tool offers advantages over traditional research techniques (e.g. quantitative surveys) which offer limited time for research subjects to absorb and reflect on information that might otherwise give them cause to modify their opinion.
In particular Vizzata allows:

  • research subjects to absorb and reflect on multiple forms of content, in multiple sequences
  • research subjects to leave comments and questions about content as they go along
  • users to respond to questions posed by research subjects in real-time
  • access to qualitative and quantitative data which enables users to analyse patterns of participant deliberation
  • deliberative research processes to be conducted over a period of weeks or months

Vizzata is currently being used in a project funded by the European Commission, entitled FoodRisC, to explore consumer responses to information about food risk and benefit.

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